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IntelliProtector 2.22
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File Size: 26.3 Mb

IntelliProtector 2.22

Language:English, Russian
Platform:Vista, Windows, Mobile
Requirements:30 Mb HDD
Install:Install and Uninstall
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Publisher's Description:

IntelliProtector - IntelliProtector is a software activation and management solution offering secure distribution of software products over the Internet, on CD-ROM and DVD-ROM. With IntelliProtector, you can increase your profits by protecting against losses from software piracy, casual copying and intellectual property theft. The service provides such handy options as strong protection against reverse engineering, automatic management of license keys, management of customers, resellers, and orders, powerful reporting and statistics. The service is targeted at independent developers, small and medium sized software development companies.

IntelliProtector is comprised of a downloadable client and a web-based control panel. The client is used to implement protection core into software. The web-based panel allows the vendor to track orders, manage license keys, view charts and reports that visualize the information about sales and help promote software better. The client provides many options to fine tune protection. You can select the hardware you want to bind to, create time or feature limited trials, change settings for automatic blocking of license violators and enable anti-crack protection options that may include module checksum verification, debugger blocking, memory dumper blocking and OEP (Original Entry Point) protection.

The activation / registration routine is simple. The user downloads and installs the software. During the installation, the user goes through the web-activation to ensure that the product is not installed on more than the limited number of computers allowed in the software's end user license agreement. After activation, the software can be used for the specified trial period. When the trial expires, the purchase dialog will pop up and require product registration to unlock the software. The license code can be obtained by purchasing software through one of the supported registrators, such as Regnow, 2Checkout, Plimus, PayPal, Swreg, Emetrix and ShareIt.

List of Changes:

Version 2.22 from 2012-08-13

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Version 2.21 from 2012-05-14

+ Embarcadero XE2 x64 support is added

Version 2.20 from 2012-04-03

# API function GetLicenseExpirationDaysLeftCount fixed for x64 systems
# 'Work when registration required' is improved

Version 2.19 from 2012-01-23

+ Support for Virtual Machines
# .net problem with protecting .dll files for x86

Version 2.18 from 2011-09-06

# anti-debugger feature is fixed

Version 2.17 from 2011-06-09

# .net problem with focus is fixed, please use WaitForInitialization() API on form load.
# .net samples are updated

Version 2.16 from 2011-05-03

# API in .dll protection: initialization check is improved
# IPClient_uninstall: now it does not require Admin privileges

Version 2.15 from 2011-04-07

# Fixed Automatic JitHookCore update
# Fixed DPI problem with IntelliProtector on XP x64
# Fixed incorrect code inline when Encrypt attribute used

Version 2.13 from 2011-03-03

+ Interface. Support for large DPI
+ Interface. New binding: windows license hashcode
# Interface. Improved proxy settings
+ .NET. Native API support
+ .NET. Support for debug compiled managed assemblies
# .NET. Fixed some bugs in .net metadata reading code
# .NET. Fixed X64 compatibility issues
+ Native. New API
+ Native. x64 encryption support
# Native. Hardware detection bug is fixed
# Native. New trial each project version is improved
# Native. Regisration by email validation is improved

Version 2.12 from 2010-07-20

+ New registrator is added:
# Fixed error with API function: ITP_REGISTER_SOFTWARE_V3
# Fixed error with API function: ITP_RENEW_LICENSE_CODE_V3

Version 2.11 from 2010-06-17

+ Delete hardware hash code during uninstall process;
+ Delete all trial data during uninstall process (for testing);
+ Validate license code on the server periodically;
+ Continue to work if license validation is blocked (for example by firewall) ;
# Interface is improved;

Version 2.10 from 2010-04-28

+ C++ CLR protection is implemented
+ .NET Framework 4.0
# Native protection is improved
# Interface is improved

Version 2.1 from 2010-01-07

# C#.NET protection is updated

Version 2.0.0 from 2010-01-05

+ C#.NET support is added
+ VB.NET support is added as well

Version 1.9.0 from 2008-12-12

+ Avangate registration service is added
+ New API functions
+ Trial period in minutes/hours/days/weeks/months
+ Guest account for the preview mode
# Interface is improved

Version 1.8.0 from 2008-11-08

+ SWPal registration service is added
# Interface is improved

Version 1.7.0 from 2008-10-24

+ Customizable license types are added (full version, pro, lite, etc)
+ Samples for Delphi 2009, Builder 2009, VB6 are added
+ New API functions
+ Generic (custom) license generator is added
# PayPal license generator is updated
# Interface is improved

Version 1.6.0 from 2008-10-01

+ Activation-free mode is added

Version 1.5.29 from 2008-09-14

+ Personal information is added
+ Customizable support from the pop-up windows is added
+ Protection core: filter for packers is added
+ Protection core: filter for .net is added
# Protection core is improved
# Interface is improved

Version 1.5.28 from 2008-07-30

+ PayPal support is added

Version 1.5.27 from 2008-07-20

*** Update is recommended ***
+ New style of pop-up windows
+ New protection core
+ API function is added: GetBuyNowLink
# License code limits are improved
# Crashes on Vista 64 and on XP 64 are fixed

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File Size: 26.3 Mb

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Latest User Reviews:

pete_s 2010-08-16 21:58:00 #
Version: 2.12

I am in the process of testing several software protection options. One good sign with IntelliProtector is that it requires .NET 4, so someone must have worked on it fairly recently as of 8/2010 (unlike some offerings). I found the look-n-feel a bit odd and quirky. It looks simple and clean, but when I tried to implement it I found it confusing and moved on to the next one.

Our need is for a system that can be activated by phone (as it will often be deployed in situations with no internet), so we can send our software out to potential customers in some lawless parts of the world, knowing that we won't lose control of it. We would also like to have separate builds for a protected and unprotected version, for a different market (where our own staff will take it out to client sites, intall and configure it). It was not clear whether IntelliProtector would allow all this, and I did not succeed in getting it working.

Alan.jupp 2008-08-14 20:42:45 #
Version: 1.5.28

MS Access dB`s

I do not seem to be able to work with MS Access dB files. This was the main reason I downloaded your software. What am I doing wrong?

Download Now
File Size: 26.3 Mb